About Us

Rainbow River Medical and Rejuvenation (RRMR) started as a small Family Practice in a rural community, it was both a dream and a blessing for our humble Dr. Jeff. As time passed, it became apparent that there was a lack of available resources, specialists and availability of testing centers. We quickly added an in house lab team as well as establishing our x-ray and ultrasound capabilities. Patients deserve the chance to be treated in their own community and to have the availability of the resources necessary to treat them.

Since then, the practice has grown exponentially and now offers a variety of additional health and wellness services. The use of non-medicinal and non-traditional treatments has been added to assist patients with pain control and with physical rejuvenation. Dr.Jeff has led the area in being a champion for medical marijuana treatments for certain diagnosis, this has led to patients from all over the region flocking to RRMR making us one of central Florida’s most active Medical Marijuana Evaluation Centers.

Complete wellness has always been the key to allowing someone to live life to their full potential. As we have grown so have our patients needs….. they ask and we listen! We now have a state of the art Rejuvenation side of the practice that works with patients in the areas of; hormone therapy, weight loss, aesthetics, stem cell type treatments, anti-aging, sexual rejuvenation and IV Therapy to name a few

Whether it’s treating chronic illness, helping someone reach their full potential, or helping achieve or maintain that youthful appearance, treating acute health concerns, Rainbow River Medical and Rejuvenation aims to be the premier choice in patient care as we continue to add services to meet the needs of the people we are blessed to have the opportunity to serve.